Aire Valley Pilates

Pilates Classes in Saltaire and Baildon, West Yorkshire

A mind-body exercise that improves your quality of life!

Pilates concentrates on strengthening your stomach muscles and increasing the strength and flexibility of your back through gentle, slow, precise movements. This promotes improved posture, toned muscles, and improved body shape. Concentration improves and stress lowered!

Kirsten outdoors

I give classes in several locations and times in the Shipley/Aire Valley area for beginners and improvers. See my timetable.  Please get in touch if you are interested in any of these, or just to find out more.

Kirsten Bicat

Update May"22

This term ends 26th May

Next term (4 weeks) from Monday 13th June.

I am still limiting the class size so pre-booking is essential.

Once booked, please pay full payment for term.

Mondays start 13th June – 4th July (4wks= £24)  (FULL) Saltaire;  6.30pm (non beginners)

Tuesdays start 14th June – 5th July = 4wks (£20) Baildon (full) 9.45am                                         Saltaire 1130am (full)

Zoom class 6.30pm    I run alternate Pilates & Fitball wks.  Next PILATES week = 24th May 2022 See below for Invite.

Wednesdays 11.15 Saltaire start 15th June 2022

Thursdays  start 16th June 2022                    Baildon Church 11.45am (mixed ability)    

NB Everyone will need to have their own thick mat (& head support) to bring to any class.

Masks to be worn when moving around inside. Mats to be placed 2m apart starting at the back of the room as you arrive.

(W/c visit BEFORE entering the room please!)

Rates for classes

Victoria Hall evening Classes 4 wks = £24

Day- York Room/Baildon classes 4 wks  = £20

Tues (Pil/Fit) Zoom class @£5 x 5wks = £25

Day – Glen Room, Vic. Hall £5.50 x 4wks = £22

Please e-mail me on or text mobile 07944 783 656 

Zoom Pilates invitation

Next Pilates Zoom 24th May (must be booked & pre-paid @ £5/class)

Topic: Kirsten Bicat’s Zoom Pilates
Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime. Join Zoom Meeting

part 1of Zoom class (taster)



New Class starting 15th June  Wednesday evenings at 6.30pm Victoria Hall in Saltaire. (Please check my timetable Page)

Wednesdays & Thursdays Places in Saltaire at 11.15 on Weds and Baildon Methodist Church Thursdays 11.45 -12.45.  Contact me to book.

Everyone must agree to comply with my Covid 19 protocols before Joining class.

Starting Classes June 2022;

  1. Please text or e-mail me
  2. Please pay full payment for term once booked and before term starts. Online if Possible.
  3. Ensure you have suitably thick mat/mats, head support and any other equipment you like to use, and remember to bring them to class!

How to Pay Cashless –

Bank transfer;

Please pay direct into my bank. Details are on the “Covid 19 Protocols” Page. (see menu above)

  • bank to bank transfer (Bacs / ‘faster payment’) This can be paid at your bank like a bill.
  •  + read Protocols
  • If paying Cash, see my Covid 19 protocols
  • No Cheques please.

Standing orders for online video classes

£10 per month to access online Video Classes.

Missed classes

Tues eve Zooms (check with me) or youtube videos can be used to catch up missed classes.

Zoom/Credits/or a refund for Covid/my Cancellation (or snow)

No reductions if you miss class due to your own hols/days out/visitors etc.

See below 3  videos for Thorasic Mobility.

“Channelling the Cobra” in 3 parts. Highly recommended using the Foam roller (90cm)

See what pilates can do for you…

Pilates session being taught

One of my clients is a full time carer for her mum who has dementia.

She came to my class to help with flexibility, good posture and strength as these are required in her role. Knowing that to learn Pilates would take concentration and focus, she was concerned in case her stress and worries from her caring role would interfere with her ability to concentrate & learn the exercises.

After about 6 sessions she stayed behind to tell me that much to her surprise she always managed to forget all about her daily worries and concentrate on the Pilates exercises. She was therefore finding that the main benefit of coming to my class was the mental relaxation and relief from stress it gave her leaving her refreshed and ready to face the next challenge. She also said it had made her concentration outside the class improve as well.

She said she wanted to spread the word to others about the benefits of Pilates to mental wellbeing not just the physical benefits.

Keep up the good work Kirsten you are a real inspiration!

Subscribe to my Youtube channel

 Visit my YouTube channel airevalleypilates which I will be updating to give you classes with tips and advice that you can watch anytime. To access; type youtube into your browser, then type airevalleypilates into the search bar. When Pilates videos come up, click on the bold type to the right at the top saying airevalleypilates (all one word) my videos should then pop up. Find part 1 of the class you want and once you select that one the other parts of the same class should line up ready to be played in the right order, enjoy!

For more information

For up to date class schedules, or advice about Pilates, please contact me.