Covid 19 Protocols

Covid protocols for Pilates classes Starting – March 2022- test before returning to classes.

  1. Anyone with suspected Covid symptoms should NOT attend class & should alert me. ASAP.  I will alert the venue & other clients. If you suspect Covid get tested ASAP.
  2. All classes to be pre-booked.  No attendance without confirmation of a place.
  3. Maximum number for each Room strictly adhered to.
  4. All clients to provide me with up to date contact details; mobile, email or landline.
  5. All clients to wear masks on arrival, departure, whilst in communal areas, visiting wc, moving around.
  6. Clients to bring their own equipment – Thick (15mm) mat and large thick towel for head support.
  7. Staggered arrivals & departures are encouraged to prevent bunching – Clients should wait outside in car if early, & keep 2m apart whilst waiting to enter, avoid clustering indoors.
  8. Clients will need to sanitise hands after opening door.
  9. Arrival time will dictate your room placement. Those entering first will fill places furthest from door. WC. visits to be done BEFORE placing your mat on the floor in the room
  10. NB Beginners should aim to be near the front and so enter the room after others.
  11. Wait until the first row settled on their mats before next row enters.
  12. Shoes, coats and bags, should be placed out of the way to avoid me tripping or swerving and getting too close to people when changing my position in the room.

    NB. Mats must be placed 2m apart on the floor.

  13. Anyone hard of hearing should place themselves near to me.
  14.  Anyone likely to need the WC during class should place themselves near to door.

Payment –  For covid safety reasons please pay online if possible

Bank details ; HSBC sort code 40-41-44, account number 21055224, Ms.K S L Bicat

  • Reference – Please include YOUR NAME, venue & day (of class) in your reference.
  • If paying Cash – put in an envelope
  • Full details on outside of envelope. Your name, the class, the date, the amount.
  • No change given. I will collect envelopes in a bag/container & open later.
  • All conversations about fees/ attendance/ holidays etc. to be done remotely by phone/text/email before or after class.
  • Anyone coming back from holiday abroad will need to isolate until they have a negative test and comply with current regulations.

Thanks very much for your help and Support.

Kirsten Bicat

For more information

For up to date class schedules, or advice about Pilates, please contact me.